Genetic Counselling

Genetic Counselling

Access Genomics’ board-certified counsellors work in collaboration with your fertility physicians and are committed to being your advocate in the IVF process.

It can be complicated understanding new genetic testing options and their relevance to your fertility treatment plan. If you have concerns about elevated risks for genetic conditions based on your family history, then you may be interested in testing embryos for specific genetic conditions before implantation. Or you might need help in evaluating whether an egg, sperm or embryo donor is right for you.

“I am committed to providing tailored genetic counseling specifically for patients who are seeking fertility treatment. With sensitivity and compassion, I strive to make risk assessment easy to understand, and easy to utilize in your own life. I will collaborate with your treatment team (your REI physician/nursing staff/donor agency) to make this process as seamless as possible.”

Gina Davis, MS, LCGC

Common reason for genetic counselling are:

  • General IVF concerns
  • History of miscarriage
  • Family history of chromosome abnormality
  • Consideration of genomic screening such as PGT-A
  • Concerns about birth defects with IVF


Genetic counselling is provided via telephone consultation at a time that works for you. 

To book a counselling appointment please follow these 4 quick, easy steps:

  1. Click on the Book Appointment button below
  2. Select which type of counselling suits your needs
    1. Pre or post PGS screening
    2. Pre or post NIPT screening
  3. Click on the day and time to book your appointment
  4. Complete your name and contact information and submit

Registration Forms
After you have submitted your online appointment booking you will receive an email invitation to a secure portal where you will be requested to fill out a registration form. The portal is secure to protect all confidential patient information.